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With the “AGILE SMS MANAGER” web panel you can send SMS to single numbers or to lists of numbers. It is possible to import numbers from Excel, CSV or TXT files. The area can be reached by any PC that is connected to internet through a browser.
Alternatively you can use the free for Windows UltraSMS software or integrate the mailing service with your applications by means of API.

It is possible to personalize the sender (e.g. with your company name) and to check, free of charge, whether the message has been received or not.

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  • Shops or online sales sites use SMS to advertise promotions, special offers and discounts. The savings and effectiveness are considerable comparted to traditional methods like post, radio or printed material.
  • Provinces, Town councils and other Public Administration organizations use SMS to inform citizens about services, events, public notices, etc.
  • Banks and Insurance companies rely on SMS to notify their clients about transactions or deadlines related to their accounts / credit cards / cash-point card.
  • Airline companies, couriers, schools, dealers, Telecommunication companies, gyms, clubs, cinemas, theatres, bookshops, libraries, supermarkets, pubs, no-profit organizations, agencies, tour operators,every category can benefit from SMS services.